About Orka Homes

Orka Homes is a part of Edelstaal Group. The EDELSTAAL GROUP commenced trading at 1981 in the Netherlands with a core business of stainless steel.

With in time, as we earned trust and respect from the global market a steady growth was inevitable.

At the moment we are an international group that trades in 12 countries that includes Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Turkey.

The Group has expanded into several businesses and owns its own factories producing stainless steel kitchen products and other large developments throughout Europe including a hotel known as Orka Royal in İstanbul and yet one more to come in 2017 (Orka Palace).

5 other holiday complexes known as the Club Orka, Orka Sunlife, Orka Boutique, Orka Lotus Beach and Orka Residence at the Lycian coast of Turkey.

We also do own a Design and Construction Company called Orka Homes and it has been developing in Fethiye/Ölüdeniz (Lycian Coast of Turkey) since 1992.

As Orka Homes, we have been designing and constructing Villas, apartments and holiday complexes is Fethiye/Ölüdeniz area. Because of its heaven like nature, the area has been the center of the civilization for millenniums.

It is an irresistible location with its emerald green forests by the crystal blue sea and offers about 300 sunny days a year.

The area was discovered by the holiday makers in 1990 and because of its potential, it has been receiving a great attention from the investors globally.

Naturally, this attention brought an economical booming and steady growth to the area year by year. At the moment Ölüdeniz area is one of the best holiday destinations, if not the best.

Since 1992 Orka Homes have been developing in the area with higher targets and higher achievements.

Each year we have been developing projects that pushes the construction and service standards upwards in the area. Especially with our signature projects we always like to go beyond the expectations.

As we already claim the top spot in the market, each year we would like to set standards way higher than it ever was with our newest game changer projects to be under the Sun, above the crowd…..

  • Active in 12 countries
  • Stainless steel kitchen industry & manufacturing
  • Hotel
  • Construction